Housesteads Fort, Hadrian’s Wall, England

housesteads fort hadrians wall
The ruins of what was once a mighty fortress that spanned the entire width of the island of Great Britain.

All along the wall built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian across the width of northern England in the second century are forts which housed soldiers who actually manned the wall. Every mile, there were towers which housed a couple of dozen soldiers. At larger intervals were forts, such as this one at Housestead, which held a full garrison of up to 800 soldiers.

This is a picture of what is left of their storehouse, which held the food necessary to supply the cohorts.

Note the sky in late June. That's the weather we faced as we tried to hike the length of Hadrian's Wall across the island of Britain. And why we abandoned the effort after two days.

But I did come back to cycle the length of Hadrian's Wall in the fall of 2019. Never say die.

You can read more about Hadrian and his other major construction project here.

Hadrian's Wall and the other Frontiers of the Roman Empire in Britain are a UNESCO World Heritage site of the United Kingdom. Click the link to see our other posts about UNESCO World Heritage sites in the UK.

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