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The Bean hearing aid

The Tech We Travel With

We get asked a lot about what we carry on the road. Most people are astonished by how little we carry–a roll on and a backpack each. But, we tell our questioners, we could get away with less if Tom weren’t carrying 13 kilograms (28 pounds) of camera gear and if Kris weren’t carrying about […]

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McNomads Peter and Tracy McDermott and their credo: Why Stay Home If You Can Roam?

Peter and Tracy McDermott: Roaming Retirees

We were introduced to Peter and Tracy McDermott through a mutual acquaintance, and suddenly the four of us were meeting for dinner in Copenhagen. That was in April 2014, when Tracy and Peter were just embarking on their extended travels, and we were making our first forays into Scandinavia. Now, with more than a year […]

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