Two Interviews and Some Elephants: More on Malawi

Malawi Vwaza wildlife research
Here's citizen scientist Bob measuring the height of a tree using (gasp) trigonometry.

Here is my interview with Research Director Amanda Harwood of the Lilongwe (Malawi) Wildlife Trust, and our head researcher on our Biosphere Expeditions Malawi wildlife research expedition. Her thoughts on citizen science are included.

This is my interview with experienced Biosphere Expedition veteran Bob Hussey. Bob has been on six Biosphere Expedition expeditions.

And, finally, a little elephant collage, shot mostly from the veranda at our camp in the Vwaza Wildlife Reserve.

You can read about my time with Biosphere Expeditions in these two posts: Volunteering with Biosphere Expeditions in Malawi, and A Malawi Diary, 12 Days with Biosphere Expeditions.

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