Images of El Cedrál, Cozumél, Mexico

folk dancing El Cedral

The social focus of the El Cedrál Fiesta on Cozumél on this night was the simple folk dancing of the town’s residents, and the showing off of their traditional finery. Most of the women of the town, and many of the men, dressed in their once-a-year best dresses and promenaded for a couple of hours to the accompaniment of a Mexican brass band.

The Ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Oplontis

I posted about Rome six days ago, and at the time promised to go on endlessly about our subsequent visits to the sites that were destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD, or as the secularists say, 79 CE. Since I’m a Latin guy though, I’m sticking with AD.

So, here goes. First there was a train ride from Rome to Naples, then a change for Pompeii. We had decided to stay in Pompeii, instead of Naples, for a couple of reasons. Number one is that Naples is pretty much of a shit hole, and I can’t remember the second one.