Christmas Selfie, Colmar, France

christmas selfie colmar franceColmar, France is a charming medieval town that, at least in winter, doesn't see many tourists. I think these people and us made up about 50 percent of the total who were there the last week of November. But, it's an easy half hour train ride from Strasbourg, and so we went. (Thanks again, Eurail.) There are plenty of things to do there in winter, though, including my favorite, which is to walk around, eat the food and drink mulled wine from the Christmas Market carts. Kris and I aren't so big on selfies, though. I do like the old lady with the bag in the background. Isn't that the problem with selfies, though? You go to all that trouble to set it up, and some clown photo bombs you.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Selfie, Colmar, France”

  1. What a cute picture! Both their picture and your picture of them taking a picture. ;) Is Colmar in Alsace? We were in Strasbourg this past July and those half-timbered houses in your picture are reminding me of our visit.

    • Otto, we’re in Italy now, but thanks for the rec. Next time. It looks interesting. In fact, I’d like to spend some extended time driving around Alsace. We’re going to be back in Europe in late Spring for a date with Luxembourg, so maybe then.

    • As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Corinne, the new go-to item for all the European immigrant street vendors is the selfie stick. Using a tripod instead of the selfie stick is so 20th Century.


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