Buying Travel Insurance While Booking Your Trip

buying travel insurance during booking
Savvy travelers wear helmets and buy travel insurance, now available right as you book your trip.

You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to know that a good travel policy can save you time, hassle, and moolah. But travel insurance is not one size fits all, and new developments in the purchase process mean travelers can elect their policy while booking a flight or trip itinerary.

You, dear readers, know we’ve been proponents of an annual travel insurance policy with Allianz. That works for us but isn’t necessarily the best for someone who takes only a couple trips a year. Single trip policies are good options, but what’s the best time to buy the insurance? And how many people remember to juggle all the insurance variables while in the midst of choosing a flight time and seat?

For a complete picture of travel insurance options, see our post, Travel Insurance Basics and New Coverage Options.

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Buying Travel Insurance On-the-Fly

Now you can buy travel insurance while you're in the process of booking your trip. New software developed by Allianz works right along with you during your travel booking process and matches the best travel insurance policy for you, right then. Just add on the insurance while you are booking.

This new technology is a far cry from the sort of fine-print boilerplate jumble that everyone tends to ignore. Allianz customizes the options and pricing for you depending on your type of trip and how far in advance you are booking. These are all factors you might have to consider in selecting your insurance, but that are now sorted out for you.

Buy travel insurance while booking
Now travel insurance options come to you as you arrange your travels.

A recent story in Forbes summed it up like this:

“The goal: to ensure that travelers get the most appropriate product for their trip and don’t overpay for coverage. Allianz added machine-learning and artificial intelligence technology to offer real-time personalization that delivers the product recommendation in less than a second.”

Of all the variables to consider (trip cancellation, medical emergencies, policy cost, exclusions, etc.), the primary consideration ought to be what sort of company is behind the policy. Our experience filing claims with Allianz–for ailments ranging from a dog bite to Delhi belly–indicates reliable service. So it’s not surprising Allianz is applying their expertise to this new customer service approach.

Here are some of the basics that are handled during insurance purchases integrated into the booking process.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Automatically, you’ll be offered an appropriate policy, considering, for example, whether you have connecting or direct flights, or whether your trip is domestic or international.

Policy Cost

A policy pinpointing the type of travel you are booking prevents offering coverage you're not likely to need and keeps your costs down.

Awards Travel

If you are booking using awards miles, the Allianz offer will be a low cost, flat fee insurance policy to protect your points.


The automated process can save hours of work comparing and contrasting policy details.


The policy selection and pricing is designed to be the best available at the time of purchase. (After-booking policies are commonly priced higher.) For peace of mind, Allianz provides a 10-day review period. As long as your travel hasn’t started, you are free to request a refund if you’re not satisfied with your trip insurance.

So that's what's new in the world of purchasing travel insurance. To review all your options the old fashioned way, just visit Allianz Travel's website and get a quote today. Or check out our story about Allianz' Smart Travel Insurance Claims. You can see instantaneous payments for certain fixed-payment claims.
Once you are on your way, relax knowing you have taken best steps for stress free travel.

If you're choosing to travel these days, be sure you buy travel insurance. And, be sure your policy includes coverage for any problem caused by the Covid pandemic. For the latest information on travel insurance with epidemic coverage, check out our post on Travel Insurance Basics and Epidemic Coverage.

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7 thoughts on “Buying Travel Insurance While Booking Your Trip”

  1. Great post guys. I never really thought about how many factors go into that travel insurance quote I get when booking my cruise or flight. I thought it was pretty much just based on the price of my trip. Thanks for the insights!

  2. How convenient to be able to purchase insurance while booking!! (As if there aren’t enough balls to juggle in the air sometimes) Anything that makes it easier while making travel plans is a huge plus!

  3. I’m a firm fan of getting travel insurance anytime I leave the country now. It would be such a burden to my family if something should happen and led me to thinking about the worst of possibilities. So, I’ve also signed up with a ‘travel’ plan should my remains need to be returned home with Trident. Just one of those things…

  4. Can you tell me if Allianz covers medical as well?

    It’s not mentioned in the post and I’ve seen many folks get confused between Travel Insurance and Travel Medical Insurance.

    Most (all?) US insurance policies only over “life-threatening” emergencies. If you slip and just smash your knee, while trekking the Camino, you might be on the hook for the bill.

    Just worth clarifying.

    • Allianz, which we are most familiar with, does cover medical expenses while traveling. Both of us have been sick and/or injured on the road and Allianz has reimbursed our expenses quickly and without problem.


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