Brave Little Belgium

Our itineraries often seem to diverge into two distinct categories: culture (particularly art and religion) and history (usually war.) This trip to Belgium has been much more the latter. I don’t mean to suggest Belgium lacks the former, although it does have large Protestant parts and the Protestants, except for the Anglicans, just don’t do over the top iconography like the Catholics.

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Visiting the A-Bomb Memorials in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The somber memorial at Nagasaki. The two columns are illuminated by the light of the sky. They point at the epicenter of the blast, 250 meters away. The rack visible in the center holds [...]

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Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, Japan

The so called A-Bomb Dome was originally a cultural center in the middle of the business district of Hiroshima. It stood approximately 160 meters from where the atomic bomb exploded at an altitude of 600 [...]

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Vietnam’s Museum of War Remnants

Flag flying war memorials litter the center of Ho Chi Minh City, which is what the Vietnamese renamed Saigon after the American War. Most of these memorials feature captured American war materiel, such as intact helicopters, jet fighters, tanks and artillery pieces. You'll run across them in parks, in the front yards of the aforementioned government buildings, and, of course, at the war museum sites. The most visited tourist site in the city is the War Remnants Museum. The Museum used to be called the Museum of American War Atrocities.

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Ancient Battlefields of Turkey

We're about five hours into a seven-hour Turkish bus ride from Canakkale (near Gallipoli) to Selcuk (near Ephesus) so I'm being dry roasted by the bus's heating system and a bit distracted by the ignored prohibition against cell phone use. Only three people are talking loudly now, so it's actually a bit better than before. And, it's a bit bumpy as we wend our way around the road construction. So, I don't know if this is going to work, but it's too dark to read, and the bus interior reading lights don't work, so I thought I'd try. The light of the computer screen, you know.

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