The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

beijing-temple-of-heaven-longevity-pavillion-1One of the coolest things about this pavilion in the Temple of Heaven complex, other than the spectacular painting of course, was the fact that these galleries wound around the park in various directions, and every 10 meters or so, there was a group of old men or old women just chatting away. Of course, the men and women didn't mix. And when I asked to take a photo or two, they weren't exactly welcoming. China I think is pretty reserved when it comes to foreigners with a camera.

So, I had to content myself with taking a pic of the gallery ceiling itself, which is one of many rather spectacular works of art attached to a “double pavilion” called the Longevity Pavilion within the Temple of Heaven park.

I think the longevity that is promised here has something to do with the social interaction. It keeps you sharp to be discussing the world all day with your friends. And that, too, is a Temple of Heaven.

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