roadside shinto shrine Nikko

The Shinto Shrine on the road outside Nikko. You find the most beautiful things in unexpected places in Japan.

We arrived in Nikko too late today to take in the Unesco World Heritage temples. So, we took a walk from our hotel up near the wooded sites where the temples are. At the end of a 16th Century bridge was this Shinto shrine tucked into a hillside right next to the highway. We were so busy looking at the river and bridge on the other side of the road, we almost missed it. I have no idea when it was built, but it certainly has some age on it. From the messages pasted to the lintels, I would guess, however, that it's still getting good use today.

Since I was just taking a walk with not much intention of taking any photos, I was just carrying my little Canon S110. I hadn't even checked the battery before I left, and was somewhat dismayed to find that the red light came on just as I was lining up this shot. Glad it held out for another minute. Shot at ISO 200, 5.2 mm wide angle, f/5.0 at 1/15th of a second. Pretty sharp for hand holding at that speed, don't you think?

For more info on the equipment I use, see this page.

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