Roadside Shinto Shrine, Nikko, Japan

roadside shinto shrine NikkoWe arrived in Nikko too late today to take in the Unesco World Heritage temples. So, we took a walk from our hotel up near the wooded sites where the temples are. At the end of a 16th Century bridge was this Shinto shrine tucked into a hillside right next to the highway. We were so busy looking at the river and bridge on the other side of the road, we almost missed it. I have no idea when it was built, but it certainly has some age on it. From the messages pasted to the lintels, I would guess, however, that it’s still getting good use today.

Since I was just taking a walk with not much intention of taking any photos, I was just carrying my little Canon S110. I hadn’t even checked the battery before I left, and was somewhat dismayed to find that the red light came on just as I was lining up this shot. Glad it held out for another minute. Shot at ISO 200, 5.2 mm wide angle, f/5.0 at 1/15th of a second. Pretty sharp for hand holding at that speed, don’t you think?

For more info on the equipment I use, see this page.


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