Images from the Mindo Cloud Forest, Milpe, Ecuador

Ecuador Milpe mindo cloud forest blue butterfly
I chased this guy around for a while before I caught him landing and spreading his wings.

I do love this shot of the blue butterfly in the Mindo cloud forest, Milpe, Ecuador. Patience pays off sometimes.

Ecuador Milpe mindo cloud forest hummingbird
I just love the hummingbirds that surrounded us at the lodge.

At our lodge in the Mindo Cloud Forest, hummingbirds swarmed the sugar water feeders put out by the management. However, some birds preferred the orchids which surrounded our eating area.

Ecuador Milpe mindo cloud forest insect leaf
It was hard to get this handsome guy to stand still for a portrait.

One thing about the Mindo Cloud Forest: bugs are everywhere. I watched this little guy crawling on the leaf for about ten minutes before I got a shot I liked. One of these days, I shot this with my “normal” lens, but boy is that hard to do when the guy is moving. Close up focus is near impossible.

Ecuador Milpe mindo cloud forest orchid moth
Green isn't the only color in the cloud forest.

The bright deep green of the forest is accented regularly by the spectacular variety of orchids. And the various flying things such as birds, butterflies and moths. Unfortunately, I didn't have a long enough lens with me to capture all the amazing birds that also frequented our lodge. Next time.

Read all about our trip to the Mindo cloud forest in Milpe, Ecuador here.

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2 thoughts on “Images from the Mindo Cloud Forest, Milpe, Ecuador”

    • Thanks, Joel. The butterflies there come in about every color imaginable, as do the hummingbirds, which are also everywhere in the forest. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right camera equipment to get many good shots. Next time, I’ll be prepared.


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