Golden Nugget in the Sea of Cortez

Un-Cruise, Sea of Cortez, Baja Sur, Mexico

By day it's plain to see why people refer to the white guano covering this rock as Baja snow. But at dawn, before the sun breaks the horizon, the hues make Roca Solitaria look like a giant nugget of gold.

Roca Solitaria is part of Isla Coronado, located near Loreto in Baja Sur, Mexico. Our small ship tour of the Sea of Cortez with Un-Cruise Adventures passed this landmark at just the right time of day. Some of the 71 passengers snapped photos, others sipped coffee, and a dozen or so practiced yoga on the deck. I managed to do all three activities at once. This was a great start to a day enjoying unusually glassy waters of Agua Verde.

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