toronto architecture tour royal fairmont 2

The staircase at the Royal Fairmont Hotel. They wouldn’t reveal whether or not their frequent guest, Queen Elizabeth II, had ever slid down the banister.

As part of a conference we attended in Toronto in Spring 2013, our gracious Canadian hosts offered us several organized tours of their lovely city. I luckily chanced into the “Toronto Today and Yesterday” Toronto architecture tour led by the very knowledgeable architecture and city history expert, Bruce Bell. We indeed got to see the best of modern and classical building in a diverse and well-planned city. Thanks Bruce, and thanks Toronto for a great time and tour. A great mixture of classic and modern Toronto architecture. And, any city that has a big building by Santiago Calatrava is ok in my book.

You can see more work by Calatrava in this post: Valencia City of Arts and Sciences.

toronto architecture tour cn tower 2

The CN Tower is tallest building in the western hemisphere. Sort of plain, though.

toronto architecture tour calatrava 2

Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, perhaps most famous for the City of Arts and Sciences in his native Valencia, did this gallery of the Brookstone Tower, which he says was inspired by the rain forest canopy.

toronto architecture tour old new 2

Looking up gives a great sense of the mixture of the old and new in this beautiful city.

toronto architecture tour flatiron 2

Every city worth its architectural salt has Flatiron Building.

toronto architecture tour old dominion vault 2

The vault at the old Dominion Bank was more of a publicity stunt than an actual strong point. The vault was never used for money; only for safety deposit boxes.

toronto architecture tour fountain 2

Berczy Park: a bit of green in a sea of modern architecture.

toronto architecture tour commerce bank 2

Commerce Bank of Toronto: this is what money looks like.

toronto architecture tour steeple 2

The steeple of St. James Cathedral makes itself visible above the neighborhood. The churches of Toronto are particularly difficult to shoot. They all seem to be surrounded by the cables used for public transport. Makes a photographer choose his angle carefully.

toronto architecture tour elevator 2

The Gladstone Hotel, in the funky district of town, has the best elevator in Toronto.

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