UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam

hue citadel unesco world heritage vietnam
Dragon decoration on a roof at the Hue Citadel. One of the few intact remnants of the Imperial City of Hue that weren't destroyed in the French and American wars in Vietnam

There are eight Unesco World Heritage sites in Vietnam. Here is a list of them, with links to our stories about the ones we have visited.

Cultural (5)

Natural (2)

  • Ha Long Bay (1994,2000)
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (2003,2015)

Mixed (1)

  • Trang An Landscape Complex (2014)

You can see links to other countries' Unesco World Heritage sites here.

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  1. The dragon is popular all over Asia. We’ve seen them in Thailand, Japan, China, Bali, Korea. I’d like to do a study sometime why that is, and how the dragon became the ubiquitous icon in Asia.


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