UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark

Denmark helsingor Castle Elsinore_
Kronborg Castle at Helsingor is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Denmark.

There are nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark. Six are cultural and three are natural sites. The Kronborg Castle at Helsingor is of particular interest, not only because of its actual history, but because of its exalted place in literature. Helsingor translates to Elsinore in English, and, of course, Elsinore was the home of Shakespeare's Hamlet, the most famous play of the English language.

Roskilde Cathedral is also of particular note. It suffers some from its conversion from a Catholic to a Protestant church, because many of the historical frescoes have been whitewashed by the reformers. But it is nevertheless lovely.

So, there's one more good reason to visit Helsingor. Just watch out for ghosts who ask you to do things.

Below is a list of those sites, with links to our posts about the ones we have visited.

Cultural (6)

Natural (3)

  • Ilulissat Icefjord (2004)
  • Stevns Klint (2014)
  • Wadden Sea (2009,2014)

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