10 Postcards from a Brittany, France Bike Tour

Our first extended bike tour in our seven years of travel was a most enjoyable one arranged by Exodus Travels around the coast of Brittany. Kris has done most of the writing about what we saw and did. And you can find those accounts, and her lovely photos, here and here. I was so busy biking and huffing and puffing, I didn't take as many photos as I usually do. But I did make time to make a few. Here are some that I like, and that I think would make good postcards for Brittany. I think I did send one or two electronic cards to my mom.

france_brittany_bike_sunset day 1
On our first day, we biked about 35 kilometers from Lamballe to the beach town of Sables d'Or les Pins. We got there in time to relax a bit, and then take a walk down to the beach just as the locals were heading home for supper and the sun provided us with this view.
france_brittany_bike_sailboats lighthouse day 2
Our second day took us to Cape Frehel about half way through the day's ride. Again, we got to break the day with a nice postcardy scene of the sailboats frolicking under the lighthouse. Not terribly dramatic light, but pleasant, nonetheless.
france_brittany_bike_crab dinard day 3
On day 3, we reached Dinard, which has some of the highest tides in the world. The boats that take you to the island town of St. Malo have to launch from an inclined dock which can accommodate the tides which vary up to 13 meters (40 feet.) This crab was left on the dock between our going and coming on the ferry, and when the tide dropped 30 feet or so.
france_brittany_bike_mare and foal
On our way out of Dinard, we came across a meadow with four mares and their new foals. There was lots and lots of cute cavorting by the youngsters.
france_brittany_bike_harbor way to dinan 2
On our way into Dinan, we stopped for lunch at Plouer Sur Rance and had some lovely fish and a view of the harbor with the white fishing boats against the dark sky and water.
france_brittany_bike_dinan canal
It was a slightly drizzly day as we cycled into the World Heritage city of Dinan. It's a beautiful town, which is mostly up the hill from the canal and hotel where we stayed.
france_brittany_bike_dinan lunch
We had two days in Dinan, which gave us lots of time to explore the old city, and most important, have some lunches. Our favorite was the typical local crepe concoction featuring sausage and onion confit. Yum.
france_brittany_bike_dinan night 2
We lingered over lunch, and dinner, long enough that the sun set and we had a nice walk back down the hill to our hotel over the Dinan cobblestones. The light came from just a few street lights and the windows of the homes along the street.
france_brittany_bike_dinan night 3
At the bottom of the hill, below the walled city of Dinan, was the canal and bridge to our hotel, again illuminated by the home windows and a few street lights.
france_brittany_bike_castle goats
We biked about 10 kilometers out of our way on the last day of our trip to see the Château de la Hunaudaye, between Dinan and La Poterie outside Lamballe. It cost €5 to get in, so we contented ourselves with just walking around and having a look…and wondering why there was a castle in the middle of nowhere. Also, after a long day on the bikes, we weren't that anxious to climb any more steps. And there were lots of those we could see from the outside. So, we plopped down by the goats and had a snack. And then pedaled on to Lamballe and our last stop.

Note: We were hosted on this tour by Exodus Travels, who did a fine job of allowing us time and options to investigate the cuisine of Brittany. Opinions expressed here are the authors’ alone, and have not been reviewed, approved nor edited by these Exodus or any of these venues. Also, travel to and from France was provided by our friends at Eurail, the very best way to get around Europe, if you ask me.

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You can help yourself get ready for your own travels by reading our Get Started Planning Your Trip Now page.

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