The Matterhorn, Black and White, Zermatt, Switzerland

Matterhorn 9 bw
On the cog train from Zermatt, I love the view of the peak jutting over the snow drifts.

One reader asked to see some Matterhorn shots in black and white. So, here you go. If anything, the Matterhorn is even more striking in black and white. The play of light and dark, highlight and shadow is more apparent when you're not distracted by the brilliant cold color. The cold black and white mountain is more foreboding, more beautiful.

Matterhorn 8 bw
The observatory at Gornergrat, with the Matterhorn in the background.
Matterhorn 5 bw
The valley and ski patrol hut.
Matterhorn 2 bw
A tiny bit of sun peeks onto the mountain.
Matterhorn 1 bw
Shooting through the trees from the train.

These Matterhorn shots were from the same shoot as the other Matterhorn post of color shots. Obviously.

I developed these shots by opening them in a program called Silver Efex Pro II, and manipulating them there. Silver Efex has several presets for converting color shots to BW. In this case, I used two of my favorites: High Structure Smooth, and Fine Art Process. It's a great program. I edit the shots first in Lightroom, doing most of the exposure adjustments there. Then export to Silver Efex Pro. After choosing a preset, usually the job is done.

Here are some other shots from the train in Switzerland, in particular, from the route of the Bernina Express, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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    • Thanks, Nat. When I first started shooting more than 40 years ago, I only shot black and white. It’s fun to get back to it. I’ve done a few other posts in black and white, but I think this the first landscape stuff. Thanks again for the prod.


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