Wolfe Tone’s Grave, County Kildare, Ireland

wolfe tone's grave bodenstown KildareWolfe Tone was known as the father of Irish republicanism. Inspired by the American and French Revolutions, he believed that the Irish would also have to fight to achieve their independence. Consequently, he became one of the leaders in the first organized Irish rebellion against the English in 1798. He was captured by the British and sentenced to be hanged as a traitor to the crown. He requested to be shot, as befitted a soldier, but the English refused him this dignity and scheduled his hanging. To thwart them one last time, he cut his own throat in prison and died of his wound several days later. His grave in Bodenstown, County Kildare is a simple affair–a wall and a plaque. The grave itself is covered with bright green crystalline stone.

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    • There’s a sneaking suspicion that the Hannums were English, but if you go back a couple of generations in Mom’s family, the name Hannan (alternative spelling Hannon) turns up. That name is native to County Sligo, where we’re headed next. The name Tighe is also prominent up there, if we’re admitting the in-laws to the actual family. A former mayor of Sligo was named Tighe, in fact. And there’s a Tony Tighe, an Irish policeman who was killed in the line of duty a few years back. He was a friend of our friend Eugene, a retired cop we’ve been staying with the last two days.


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