Rice Harvest, Mount Fuji, Japan

rice harvest mount fuji
The rice harvest, overseen by Fujisan.

Mount Fuji doesn't reveal itself easily. We stayed near the mountain for three days and the clouds only cleared enough to get a good shot for maybe two hours during that time. So, a lot of time was spent waiting, and walking around looking for an angle. But I think I got lucky three times as we circumnavigated the mountain. Even though we never once got to see more than the top of Fuji as it showed above the clouds, sometimes that's enough.

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3 thoughts on “Rice Harvest, Mount Fuji, Japan”

  1. When we were just in Japan, we planned a trip around a lake specifically to get some images of Fujisan. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s the day it snowed! I love your image of Fuji and the rice harvest. Love it.

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