Panorama, Meteora, Greece

meteora panoramaIt was a foggy cloudy day all day today, and that made it kind of a lousy day to get dramatic photos of the very, shall we say, dramatic landscape of Meteora, Greece. So, instead of trying to get just that shot, I used my new Fujifilm X30 camera's panorama feature and shot this from the top of one of those amazing pinnacles. The drama is in the sweep. There's just that much cool stuff to look at, and when you have a 120 degree field of view, you can see a lot of it. Let's see, six big rocks, four monasteries (if you look very closely,) and some mysterious fog. Yeah, I like it.

Like I said, it's my new Fujifilm X30 camera, which I have to admit I bought at least in part because of its in-camera panorama capabilities. You just dial it up, push the button and go. Pretty slick. It produces a jpeg file, instead of RAW, unfortunately, so it's a bit harder to manipulate. So, what I did here mostly was increase the contrast to bring some detail out of the fog, increase the clarity and vibrance for the same reason. I also pulled the highlights all the way down to keep the sky/fog from being washed out entirely. Not bad.

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6 thoughts on “Panorama, Meteora, Greece”

  1. I guess you guys have already been to Paris but if not did you visit the musee Quay Brunlee (probably mispelled it) its tribal art from Oceania mostly but the bldg is special– it was designed by Jean Nouvell, the guy who designed the Guthrie– He also designed the Mond de Arab in Paris– Tom this would really appeal to the photographer in you because the entire southern wall is like camera lens apetutres (sp) they can close and open the apertures to adjust how much light they let into the bldg– there are probably about 16 of them on that wall


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