Lake Superior Shoreline, Grand Marais, Minnesota

lake superior shoreline grand marais minnesotaI love Grand Marais, Minnesota. For one thing, it's the start of the Gunflint Trail, which leads up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Wilderness. Second, it is the home of one of my new favorite brew pubs, the Gunflint Tavern. And the third is that it's just downright pretty. Like this view from the shore right outside the Gunflint Tavern. There's something about the light on Superior.

Maybe it's just all the blue of the cold, cold water, which somehow makes the sky even bluer.

Or maybe it was the beer.

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2 thoughts on “Lake Superior Shoreline, Grand Marais, Minnesota”

  1. A Prince among men!
    So sad the light doth fade on hallowed face, the sun will no more rise in the east, only dark rain will reign.

    Two great authors celebrated this week, one dead for 400 hundred years and one only just left us .
    Good night sweet Prince!


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