Grand Manan Island, in a few Photos

grand manan morning low tide fog
Our second morning on Grand Manan provided the famous Fundy fog we'd been promised. That, and the low tide make the boats seem so far away and so ghostly.

We spent two days on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy off the New Brunswick coast. I wish it could have been longer. Of course, we say that about so many places we visit.

But in this case, it was just one view after another. Every little jaunt in the car, and every short hike, yielded more beauty.

So, Kris will be writing more about our time there, but since I'm more of the visual guy, I thought I'd just start with these photos, and let them make an impression on you. An impression which will be reinforced as you learn more about the island.

All the time I was shooting, I was thinking, “If I had a month here, I could really get some good stuff.” So, I guess I'll just have to come back.

lighthouse grand manan new brunswick
The Swallowtail Lighthouse on the spit of land at the north end of the island greeted us as we arrived on the ferry.
grand manan swallowtail lighthouse fog
Another view of Swallowtail Lighthouse, grabbed in a hurry as we were running to catch the departing ferry.
sunset dark harbour grand manan
On our first night on the island, we took the only road that runs to the west side of the island to get this shot of Dark Harbour, the ominously named place where they harvest the seaweed called dulce.
adirondack chairs bay of fundy grand manan
The Whale Cove Inn, where we had dinner the first night on the island, provides chairs so you can just sit and look at the Bay of Fundy while you digest your delicious dinner.
coastal cliffs grand manan
A short walk up the west side of the island shows you the treacherous cliffs that make up that side. Nobody really lives out there, since there are very few places to dock a boat. The basalt rock formations reminded us a lot of Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Same volcanic forces, I suppose.
deb claude seacup inn grand manan
Our stay was made so pleasant by our hosts Deb and Claude at the Seacup Inn, which we were able to book by pure chance because they'd had a cancellation. They make the best breakfasts ever, by the way. Next time, we're calling way ahead to book here. We loved it.
southwest head light grand manan
Another sunset at the south end of the island this time. Sort of the last vestige of human contact on the rocky southwest shore.

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18 thoughts on “Grand Manan Island, in a few Photos”

  1. We love Nova Scotia. We took the ferry from NS to NB decades ago. I found the most wonderful Micmac basket in an antique shop there that I treasure. We went to go back. Will put Grand Manon Island (which I’d never heard of) on the list. Thanks for broadening my travel horizons!

  2. Isn’t the Bay of Fundy tidal? I know we went there as a family my last year of high school and I remember our mother making us get up at some ungodly hour to see the tide change. I have no idea why! Your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Wonderful photos, Tom! We’ve not yet been to New Brunswick, but these images make me want to pack my bags and go, asap. I particularly like dramatic skies of Dark Harbour.


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