Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Drottningholm staircase Unesco World Heritage sites in sweden
The main stairs of the Drottningholm Palace, a Unesco World Heritage site outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Drottningholm Palace outside Stockholm didn't allow photographs in the interior, so, in my usual manner, I snuck this one from the hip just before we got to the ticket office and entrance to the parts that had a guard in every room. (As a Swede once told me, “We have lots of rules in this country.”) But, the palace was lovely, and had lots of portraits of kings and carved furniture and painted ceilings which you'll just have to imagine (Actually, I snuck one of those, too, right before the guard in the doorway at the bottom of the photo shot me a dirty look.)

Sweden Drottningholm ceiling
One beautiful ceiling (thanks little iPhone) and one disapproving guard.

The entry stairway was probably the best decoration in the place, though. So at least you get to see that. This is a Unesco World Heritage Site, too, because of its decoration, I presume. The royal family of Sweden still uses this as a residence, although you don't get to see that part of the palace. Of course.

Sweden Drottningholm fountain Unesco World Heritage sweden
The grounds, with the lovely fountains are a magnificent frame for the Swedish yellow palace.
Sweden Drottningholm statue
And statues in the gardens are a must for any palace, of course.

Here are two shots from the outside of the palace. It is a lovely yellow color. And the grounds are extensive and well manicured. Some of the decorative hedges though, were severely damaged last winter by a storm.

The flower gardens have come back nicely, though.

Sweden Drottningholm flowers
Being the King means you get to have beautiful flower gardens.

Drottningholm Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Click this link to see a list of all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sweden, with links to the ones we've visited.

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