Cabot Trail near Saint Ann, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

cabot trail near saint ann nova scotiaDriving along the Cabot Trail, mostly through the Canadian Cape Breton Highlands National Park, you're greeted with postcard perfect scenes around most every turn. Like this one.

The side story to this one is that we almost got killed right before we stopped to shoot this. It seems a guy coming from the other direction also wanted to photograph this. So, he stopped and made a y-turn right across the highway, just on the other side of the hill we were just cresting. What an idiot. If another guy coming from that direction hadn't honked at me as we were just approaching that hill, I probably would have still been going highway speeds and it would have been a nasty accident.

So, if you're going to pull an idiot move like that guy did, don't do it just on the other side of a hill where you can't be seen. Also, if you're going to do something that stupid, do it quickly.

Oh yeah, I did at least get the satisfaction of having a little talk with him as we were taking the pictures. He snapped one quickly with his phone and jumped right back into his car, pulled another U turn across the highway and continued on his way.

Here's hoping his next stupid move just kills him, and not someone else, too.

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3 thoughts on “Cabot Trail near Saint Ann, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia”

  1. Nice shot! I love the reflection off of the water. Which camera were you using?

    Cape Breton is one of most beautiful places I have ever been, and it covers all the simple beauty. I was there last year but did not make it to Saint Ann. The driving was so brutal (not ideal to drive on my own from Aberdeen to the National Park in just one day) – so many turns and I almost got into a car accident too due to the extreme exhaustion. Anyway it is still worth it. Have fun traveling and hope to see more of your photo essay.

    • Thanks, Julie. Believe it or not, that was taken with my iPhone 6s Plus. Like I said, the Cabot Trail is full of scenes like this. I’ll be posting more. And I’ll leave you to guess which were taken with my phone, and which with my Sony RX100-III and which with my Nikon D800E. There are some of each.


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