tokyo skyline at night

The Tokyo skyline at night is a beautiful view.

Tokyo is so big that you have to get a vantage point to take in just a bit of it. Luckily the city government offers just such a view from their own skyscraper. You can take the elevator to the top floor and they offer a 360 degree vista. We just stumbled upon it, so I didn't have my big camera with me. We meant to go back, but the weather and schedule didn't cooperate. There's too much to do in Tokyo. And it takes a while, because, honestly, it's sort of confusing. You can get an idea why.

tokyo skyline 2

A lovely view at night, no matter which way you turn from observation deck of the Tokyo municipal building.

Not much more to say about this, except Tokyo is a big beautiful city at night. Taken from the observation deck of the Tokyo municipal building in Shinjuku. This three-topped building is the Shinjuku Park Tower, in case you were curious.

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