View of Heidelberg, Germany from the Castle Hill

view from castle heidelberg germany
The old city of Heidelberg shows its colors, even on a foggy day. Luckily, when you buy a ticket the Heidelberg Castle (or buy a 3 day Heidelberg city pass like we did) it includes a ride on the funicular up the steep hill to the castle. When you get to the castle, you're rewarded with beer, and views of the old city below.

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4 thoughts on “View of Heidelberg, Germany from the Castle Hill”

    • That was the last time we were there, too. In 1975 I was carrying a Nikon F, and I think the negatives are in a storeroom somewhere. I’m going to have to dig them out someday.

  1. Did you see any students singing the drinking songs, or with honorable saber scars running down their cheeks?
    There were in all the old German operettas set in Heidelberg. I always wondered how they had time to study with all that beer, and duels to fight.

    • No, unfortunately we didn’t run into any students. We had seen plenty of them in the castle beer garden forty years ago, when we were students. I think they must have been studying. I think the duels are seasonal, too.


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