Valley near Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii

USA Hawaii Hanalei valley kauai 1
The Valley of Hanalei, on Kuaui.

We drove up to the north shore of Kauai to try to get some sunset photos. Of course, we'd left too late, and didn't count on the mountains making the effective sunset about half an hour earlier than advertised. But, along the coast road, at a rare point where the road rose above the interior island landscape, we were presented with this lovely scene. Those of you of a certain age remember the Peter, Paul and Mary song, Puff the Magic Dragon, who lived “in a land called Hanalee.” After seeing this, I almost bought a private vacation home here myself.

USA Hawaii Kalalau lookout kauai 1
The Kalalau Lookout view of the valley on Kuaui. Jurassic Park opening helicopter landing scenes were filmed here.

A stunning view down the canyon, which someone told me was the set shot for the helicopter arrival and departure in Jurassic Park. Maybe… Anyway, damn pretty.

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3 thoughts on “Valley near Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii”

  1. Thats a beautiful shot and of course you are in one of the most magical beautiful spots on earth– Take the helicopter ride over Wimea canyon and visit Elvis’ blue grotto

    if you see Little Jackie Paper– tell him hello for me and take of toke of his joint

    • We tried to book a helicopter, but gave up after calling several of them that were booked for the limited time we’re here. We went up the Waimea Canyon drive yesterday and got a good look at the canyon. Another pic tomorrow.


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