Tatio Geysers at Dawn, Atacama Desert, Chile

tatio geyser atacama
The Tatio geysers in the high Atacama Desert at dawn, with rising crescent moon. Atacama Desert, Chile. May 2011. We took a four hour bus ride from San Pedro de Atacama to get to this site before dawn, and it was worth it. If you go, I highly suggest bringing lots of warm clothes. The temperature difference between the floor and the plateau of the Atacama Desert, and day and night, can be about 60 degrees C. It was damn cold up here. I guestimated -30C. So glad I remembered my gloves.

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    • Yeah, I know the feeling. It was well below zero (Fahrenheit) when we were up there pre-dawn, and since we’d been on the Atacama floor the day before, when it was about 30 degrees (Celsius) we were a little shocked by the temp, too. Luckily we had chocolate milk we could toss into a fumarole to heat up and then have a hot drink.


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