Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

saint patricks cathedral dublin ireland 2
As the line of Union Jacks in the transept of Dublin's Saint Patrick's Cathedral suggests, this Saint Patrick's is not a Catholic church. It's the cathedral of the Church of Ireland, which is what the Irish call the church of the pre-republic English loyalists. In the south, at least, the Protestants and the Catholics now seem to peacefully coexist. However, Saint Patrick's is chock full of statues of Loyalist lords and other reminders of the time when the Irish and English were mortal enemies, and the church was a place to take note of differences rather than commonalities.

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3 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland”

  1. It’s worth noting, however, that Jonathan Swift was, for a time, Dean of this parish, and is buried here. He did’t get many church posts (this was the only one) because, of course, he was a fine dissident. He especially didn’t take to the Brits laying a devalued currency on Ireland. Way to go, Jon.

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