Quebec City at Night

quebec city night 7A beautiful city best shows itself at twilight. The lamps and window lights come on just before the sky gives up its job of illuminating man's creations. The air cools and settles so the bare ripples of the river faithfully reflect the simulacra of the lights above. And you take the twilight ferry across the water so you can get the best views of the low skyline of the most European city in North America and imagine all the other Quebecers strolling the hilly and narrow streets and contemplating where to have a civilized supper and what wine they're going to drink.

quebec city night 8To the right of the old city, you're reminded of the commerce that dominates the length of the Saint Lawrence. A protracted line up of grain elevators make a scrim where the backlights of the river's proscenium are projected and set off the ships that glide by on the watery stage.

Night lights on the river illumine the imagination.

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