parthenon frieze british museum
There is probably room for debate about whether or not the British should have taken (or should return) all the sculpture from the Parthenon in Athens which they removed in the early 19th Century. Of course, one should note that the Greeks occupying Ottoman Turks had used the Parthenon for a powder magazine in a war with the Venetians in the 17th Century and that the reason many of the sculptures were in such bad condition is that, not surprisingly, the Parthenon had been blown up during a battle. Combine that with the fact that the British Museum has provided a huge, well sheltered, display for two centuries (something the Greeks only got around to recently,) and that the British Museum gets more than 6 million visitors each year, and I'm not feeling too sorry for the Greeks. (The above has been corrected, thanks to a commenter below.)

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