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Getting in shape to endure winter and ready for next travel adventure @SilverandFit

For regular travelers and for travelers over 50, a constant concern is staying healthy and fit for travel. When we’re home, we’re getting in shape for the next active travel adventure, and when we’re on the road–especially on those long sojourns–we’re doing our best to stay in shape.

I recall when we were planning our 500-mile walk across Spain’s Camino de Santiago, Tom cautioned me to pay attention and mind my footing. (I’m known for looking up at the clouds instead of where I’m going.) A misstep could end the journey. But that was about the extent of our training. Now, after many more miles of hiking and biking, ten-plus years of travel, and double knee surgery for meniscus tears, I take training and physical fitness much more seriously. I know that a healthy body and moderately good fitness levels really increase enjoyment of travel.

Motivating us to get in shape for travel

fitness for travel
Warriors for travel @SilverandFit

One of the ways the pandemic has actually created good new opportunities is in the delivery of fitness classes online. We were introduced recently to Silver&Fit, for example, and discovered a whole range of classes offered live and on Facebook and YouTube. The curriculum offers different levels, from beginner on up, and a variety of workouts (yoga, cardio, strength, even Tai Chi) so both Tom and I can find a class that calls to us.

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Plus, there’s a daily “international class” filmed in an alluring location. The first yoga practice we chose was all the more pleasing because we were joining the instructor in Jamaica.

Without having to go out to the health club, and without having to dress the part (Tom doesn’t do yoga pants), many of the impediments to working out vanish when you choose Silver&Fit online classes.

Fitness programs for all levels

get in shape for travel
At home or in a hotel room, online fitness is easy and effective. @SilverandFit

Our goal is to stay healthy. We want to keep on traveling, and we want to be active travelers, knowing that activities like hiking and biking lead to closer experiences with local cultures.

For my part, when I’m home (and occasionally on the road) I practice yoga. Several times a week I also do a small set of physical therapy exercises to strengthen my quads and core in order to protect my knees. I love stretching out on the floor. In a pinch when we’re traveling, I use a bath towel as a yoga mat on the hotel room floor.

Tom, on the other hand, is not big on stretching, but finds tai chi and the breathing, balance and strengthening aspects of yoga satisfying.

Mostly we get our cardio workouts when traveling and, in fact, that’s one of the reasons we love to travel: it inspires us to be more active and healthier. When we’re home, although we walk and bike in season, both of us can use extra motivation to do more cardio workouts.

Follow Silver&Fit on social media

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A variety of classes for a variety of fitness levels. @SilverandFit

Because of our different fitness levels and interests, Tom and I naturally select different Silver&Fit classes. We want to work out at different times or in different rooms and pick and choose the classes that suit us at the moment.

For fun and motivation to get my heart going, I chose a Silver&Fit Facebook dance class performed sitting down. That’s easy on the knees! I viewed the class on my laptop and managed to do the whole workout in my cluttered little office space.

Tom selected an international yoga class delivered from the beaches of Huatulco, Mexico, through the Silver&Fit YouTube Channel. He casted the class from his iPad to the TV and, voila, our wintery living room became his happy place.

When you get to know the Silver&Fit social channels, you’ll find nice encouragement from the large community of users. The Facebook page includes related resources like challenges and tips, recipes and articles.

1,500 free Silver&Fit workouts

Travel fitness
View your online fitness class on your phone, laptop, or TV. @SilverandFit

Members have access to over 1,500 online workouts, free. It’s fun to review the schedule of upcoming classes at Silver& But it’s really convenient to be able to participate in those classes whenever you want via the Facebook and YouTube channels.

Now that we’ve tried a few classes, we know that Silver&Fit is like having our own little gym and trainer that we could carry with us wherever we go. For now, we’ll work on getting in shape for future travel. Before too long, we hope, our gym-class-in-a-laptop will hit the road with us. All the better to stay healthy and travel happy far into the future.

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