Doors of Schnoor, Bremen, Germany

On our last day in Bremen, we got up early, for us, and took a walk around the old part of town, the Schnoor district, looking for breakfast coffee and one of those delicious German pastries. We were successful, and on the walk came across a charming part of town that was just waking up. It seems most of this part escaped the World War II bombing that flattened most of Bremen, and left winding narrow streets that have been taken over by local businesses such as art galleries, toy shops, and very tasty bakeries.

door bremen 1
Shop door with crest.
door bremen 2
Toy Shop door from 1631.
door bremen 3
Shop door from 1584.
door bremen 4
Archway leading to side street, 1687.
door bremen 5
St. James (Santiago of Camino fame.)
door bremen 6
Door of the church of St. John.








































The Bremen Town Hall and the Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site. To see a list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany, click the link.

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2 thoughts on “Doors of Schnoor, Bremen, Germany”

  1. I spent nowhere enough time in the Bremen Altstadt (Old Town), but even on a grey misty winter day, the Schnoor appeals to me greatly, for architecture and for history. Thanks for highlighting something simple yet extraordinary!


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