Castle and Cherry Trees, Hirosaki, Japan

hirosaki castleI had to climb over a fence and slide part way down a hill toward the moat to get this shot. All I can say is that one day I hope to come back in the spring, when all these cherry trees are blossoming, to shoot from here again. By the way, the grounds at the Hirosaki Castle are home to the oldest cherry tree in Japan–over 400 years.

Shot with the Nikon D800E, ISO 200, 27mm focal length on the 24-70 lens, f/6.3, 1/250 sec. Not too much manipulation in Lightroom, just emphasizing the white of the castle and adding a little detail by increasing exposure of the shadowed areas.

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9 thoughts on “Castle and Cherry Trees, Hirosaki, Japan”

  1. Japan in spring is absolutely amazing. If you want to see some cherry tree fantasia, Iwakuni. Except for the drunken airmen, it’s heaven!

    You are making me really miss Japan …

    • Marybeth, I’m serious about coming back sometime for the cherry blossoms. Japan is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, on so many levels. And, it’s that way because the Japanese actually understand and practice beauty in nearly everything they do. It’s a strange place that way, but a wonderful one that we can only barely begin to comprehend.

      • You are right, they do. Even dish washing can be art in Japan! I was lucky enough to live there for 3 years and have been so changed by the experience. My mantra these days is “functional art”. All because of living in a small (and I do mean small!) flat in Japan, everything is cared for and treasured. So glad you’re enjoying yourselves!

        • Marybeth, we’re also into a smaller life now, mostly as a result of living out of suitcases for almost three years. If we ever do move back into a house, it’s going to be much smaller and less cluttered, that’s for sure. I’ve been taking pictures of all the Japanese houses we’ve seen for ideas of how to create such beauty out of such simplicity. I do wonder where I will put all my books, though.

  2. I agree with MaryBeth. You can follow the cherry blossoms northward and it’s a magical time in Japan. Beautiful and full of people, shoes off having picnics under the trees.

    Hirosaki is one of my favorite places in Japan. The city has an annual geranium festival in the fall that is really wonderful.

    Great pic.

    • Thanks, Corinne,

      We saw scores of gardeners setting up the geranium festival in the botanical garden. Wish we could have stayed for it. It looks like it’s going to be spectacular. We’re most of the way south again now, in the mountain forest near Nagano. Going for a long hike today. Seems like all Japan is on holiday to see the fall colors, but nothing has really started turning yet. Global warming I guess has delayed autumn.

  3. Yes, It is chrysanthemums! My daughter lives not far from there and she promptly corrected me as well. At any rate, like everything else the Japanese do, the fest is amazing! You guys would have loved it!


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