A Young Man and His Dinghy

Lucas Henning hunts for agates along the shore of Puget Sound, south of Bellingham, Washington
Lucas Henning hunts for agates along the Whatcom County shore, south of Bellingham, Washington.

On a beautiful, calm spring day, Lucas rowed three of us along the Puget Sound shore of Whatcom County, Washington. We put in at Larrabee State Park (south of Bellingham) and picnicked on this small beach, where we found agates, sea anemone, barnacles and tiny mussels among the rocks. Along the way we spotted a Belted Kingfisher, Black Oystercatchers, a Bald Eagle, Western Grebe, a couple Great Blue Heron, plus a baby seagull. A few people were enjoying the waters from kayaks.

We talked about sailboats, and how the dingy might be converted. Lucas dreams of having his own sailboat some day. But for now, as Ashlee suggests, they are happy with easy afternoons rowing the borrowed boat. “You get what you don't pay for.”

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4 thoughts on “A Young Man and His Dinghy”

    • Kris, both my parents from Bellingham. Grandparents immigrated there, at least it was their last stop. I lived there during the war. Spent summers there for 10 years. I agree with the beauty and the lifestyle. Brings back many memories 60 years later.

      • Leonard, I think people in this area are more attached to their environs than folks from anywhere else in the world. I always love visiting! p.s. Have you read the Annie Dillard historic novel, “The Living”?


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