Lake Inari, Inari, Finland

lake inari finland
The quality of light at 10 p.m. in the land of the midnight sun.

We flew from Helsinki up to Inari, Finland for a few reasons. We'd been in cities too long. And it was above the Arctic Circle, which was a first for us. We wanted the midnight sun, and we got it.

Just across from where we were staying was the large, deep and cold looking Lake Inari. The colors of the late evening were beautiful. This shot was taken about 10 p.m.

We'd just decided to take a walk on the shore. I wasn't really thinking photography, since this jaunt was almost a vacation from thinking. But, sometimes it's just there. And, I had the iPhone in my pocket. This was the result. Almost no manipulation in Lightroom. It's a small JPG file that comes out of the camera, and there's not much to be done with that anyway. I blame this shot on nature. (If you care, the iPhone set this on ISO 32, 1/640 of a second at f/2.2.)

For more info about the equipment and software I use, see this page.

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2 thoughts on “Lake Inari, Inari, Finland”

    • Thanks, Terry. It was just that pretty. And right across the street from our cabin. One of the most beautiful places we’ve been. Kris and I both said it reminded us of Northern Minnesota. Except a lot more northern. It was at 70 degrees north latitude.


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