Fin Whale on the Saint Lawrence

whale lighthouse saint lawrence 3I'd never seen a whale in person before. So, we took an updated open Zodiac type boat out on the frigid Saint Lawrence to see if we could remedy that situation.

We weren't disappointed. We had roughly 20 sightings of fin whales, who spouted, then arched their backs like this and dove again unto the deep waters. The Saint Lawrence here is around 1000 feet (300 meters) deep and provides the whales a rich diet of mini shrimps.

sun glint fin whale quebec saint lawrence
It was a very gray day, but the sun popped out once or twice, and sometimes you get a little glint off the whale's back as he arched to dive.

We were on the water for about two hours, counting the coming and going time. We also caught glimpses of belugas and minke whales, a species I'd never heard of before.

kris on whale boat 2
Thar she blows! Kris was the unofficial lookout for the crew.

Unfortunately, none of them were breaching or showing their flukes so we could get dramatic photos. Of course, we were on their turf, and they can ignore us if they want. And they did.

For this trip, we were the guests of various entities of Quebec Tourism. The modified “Nantucket sleighride” was provided by Croisieres AML of Tadoussac, Quebec, who favored us with an excellent pilot who knew just how to approach the whales without disturbing them too much and a naturalist who gave us a constant commentary on what we were seeing. All in all, a lovely afternoon.

whale spout saint lawrence
The whales spouted just before surfacing, clearing their air holes and taking a breath for the next dive.

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  1. Great post! I’ve gone whale watching in Maine before and saw a few porpoises, humpback whales, and seals. It was amazing…minus the sea sickness! lol We did not get to see the whales breach either. I have yet to go to Quebec, but I have been wanting to for awhile

    • I bought a couple of wrist bands with little knobs in them that put pressure on the alleged accupressure wrist points that prevents seasickness. Used them twice so far on rather calm days. So far, so good.


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