St. Nicholas Cathedral, Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana cathedral 1The Baroque Roman Catholic churches of Eastern Europe, such as the ones we saw in Poland, Hungary, and Slovenia, succeed by what some would call excess. They feature elaborate decoration, especially in their spectacular painted ceilings.

Sometimes, it's too much to take in in one visit. We went back to Ljubljana's St. Nicholas Cathedral twice, and in the second, I pretty much got a sore neck staring at the ceiling. There are biblical stories, the representation of the Ascension, and some just pure show off decoration. It's all painted in perspective as if the characters are either hanging off the columns or swirling up to heaven. An impressive display.

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    • Marilyn, I stopped putting the photo details in with the shots because I didn’t think anyone cared. But this was shot with a Nikon D800E with the Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 zoom lens. ISO 1600, 1/100 sec exposure at f/3.2. That camera and lens combo was state of the art when it comes to sharpness when I bought it three years ago, and you pay for that. The other part of the sharpness equation is being able to hold very, very still when you press the shutter. I’ve had lots of practice at that. Thanks for asking.


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