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Visit Philadelphia with a Local: Audio

Wondering what to do in Philadelphia, besides mop up after the Democratic National Convention?  We are kicking off a new series of interviews with friends about their hometowns. Since we are always hoping to get helpful hints about cities before we visit–and we are frequently asked for tips and recommendations about specific cities–we figured we’d […]

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Belize Revisited

Belize Revisited: Caves and Rivers in the Interior

It was three years ago this month of May when we visited Belize. Our travels there have been on my mind a lot lately, as we’re asked about our more adventurous experiences. So we’re sharing oldish posts–about our swim/trek into a cave to see one of the most remarkable ceremonial sites in the world, and […]

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Paul Bennett deep travel tips

Three Expert Tips for Sustainable Travel

Paul Bennett, like other subjects of Travel Past 50 interviews, has decades of travel experience and plenty of travel tips to share. But we’ve been interested in talking with Paul not only about his personal travels, but about how he encourages others to travel. Bennett and his wife and business partner, Lani Bevacqua, are the […]

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Feeling Better on the Road

Under the Weather and On the Road: 13 Ways to Feel Better

Four years ago, at about this time of year, I was suffering from a cold or flu, and wrote this post. Judging from the photos, I was in Bangkok. I don’t recall having a cold since…until now. I can only guess why I’m struck down now: is it Minnesota’s winter, allergies (to dust, cats, or […]

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Skip the Resorts, See Historic San Jose del Cabo

When John Steinbeck wrote The Log from the Sea of Cortez, the memoir of his specimen-collecting journey with marine biologist Ed Ricketts in 1940, he wasn’t concerned with Baja towns like San Jose del Cabo. Later, when he wrote his short story, The Pearl, inspired by this area, he was vaguely aware of future tourism. […]

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