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Newer buildings loom over a neoclassic edifice along the Bund in Shanghai

Shanghai: A Tour of China’s Accelerated City

Shanghai is frequently described as the New York City of China. People say Shanghai is to Beijing as NYC is to Washington, D.C. The comparison works. Shanghai is a port city, straddling the Huangpu River which empties into the Yangtze. So it’s open, airy, and brighter than Beijing, with about a 100% chance of less […]

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A walk in Dubrovnik is good for the appetite.

Croatia’s Cuisine: Dalmatian Coast Food and Wine

A week in Croatia does not make me an expert in anything. But I ate every day, so that counts for something! We were alternately impressed and underwhelmed by the food in Croatia. Many restaurants were closing for the season–we were there in late October–so a faltering selection may have colored our culinary experience. But […]

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An Exclusive Tour of Rome’s Palazzo Colonna

You may have walked right by this place, the Palazzo Colonna in the middle of Rome, and noticed nothing. Given the number of stray pieces of architecture strewn around town–columns, cornices, pillars, carvings, and building blocks–the plain exterior walls of this property can easily go unnoticed. But the Palazzo Colonna is worth a look inside, […]

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Historic Beijing

Tour Beijing’s Past and Future in Hutong Alleys

If you just pass through Beijing for a couple days to visit the major tourist sites, you might miss a fascinating story unfolding in this city, the story of transformation and change. The old neighborhoods and alleyways, called hutongs, display the city’s deep history, expose pieces of the evolving communities, and reveal Beijing’s quick run […]

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Pictou, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia: History, Cuisine, and Natural Beauty

Nova Scotia offers its own brand of history, cuisine, natural beauty, and recreation. It wasn’t an hour off the Digby Ferry (which sails twice a day from Saint John, New Brunswick, to Digby, Nova Scotia) that we realized these two Maritime Provinces on either side of the Bay of Fundy are very distinct. We wanted […]

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Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy: a rare place offering close-ups of seaweed and the ocean floor twice a day at low tide.

One Short Week in New Brunswick, Canada

You would think we’d know better, after years of traveling. But we jumped on the chance to visit New Brunswick for a week, not allowing ourselves enough time to stay and do everything we wanted.  One short week in New Brunswick was just enough to show us why we want to return. But one short […]

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Visit Philadelphia with a Local: Audio

Wondering what to do in Philadelphia, besides mop up after the Democratic National Convention?  We are kicking off a new series of interviews with friends about their hometowns. Since we are always hoping to get helpful hints about cities before we visit–and we are frequently asked for tips and recommendations about specific cities–we figured we’d […]

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ViaFerrata_Fjord Saguenay-3

Adventure Travel in Quebec, a la Kris and Tom

Before we even left for Quebec, we faced some tough decisions. The centerpiece of our visit was a conference of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), a group of destination managers and tour operators focused on adventure tourism. Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing segments of travel, and the target customers are not […]

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