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Election Day with Arthur-1

Standing in Place: Back Home from Travel

For more than six years, we’ve been ‘location independent,’ traveling constantly all over the world, without a home or even a home base. I’ve never in these six years completely unpacked my suitcase and I’ve proudly identified myself as a full time traveler. I don’t take these years for granted. Being free of stuff is […]

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Pair Eagles

When a Traveler isn’t Traveling

Inertia is much on my mind lately. For years, the idea of discarding the comforts of home and routines of work and family was daunting. I balked when Tom suggested in the 1990s we move the family to Spain. I needed some modicum of structure, and managing a household didn’t encompass rolling off a cliff. […]

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A line-up of Harley's at Cedar Pass Lodge in Badlands National Park, not far from the annual Sturgis Rally.

Sisterhood of the World Travel Bloggers

The tables have turned. I enjoy interviewing other travelers, especially women travel bloggers, and publish these conversations regularly on Travel Past 50 Interviews. But lately, a pyramid scheme of interviews has been creeping up. As part of the mysterious Sisterhood of World Travel Bloggers, I was invited by Suzanne Fluhr of Boomeresque (one of the […]

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christmas market colmar

Forget it Jake, It’s France

At the end of the movie Chinatown, when things have deteriorated into yet another confusing mess, Jack Nicholson’s partner offers the following explanation, “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.” Which means, of course, that there is no explanation for why things don’t turn out as you expect. That’s how one should approach France, especially if you’re […]

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Antwerp Central Station: How did I get here and where am I going next?

Seven Reasons to Avoid Travel Planning

When Tom and I start talking about the future, like next month or even next week, we ask ourselves, “Where will we be? What do we want to do?” And then we get distracted, thinking about dinner. Up until March, we didn’t know where we’d go next. We’d been in Iowa for an indeterminate time […]

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